Why you should choose Viet Anh School?

Our Vision and Mission are

  • To create a friendly study environment to make learning become fun and receptive activity.
  • To help students build high moral values and discipline, which are prerequisites for success in life.
  • To help students develop their capacity for self-study and self-discover in order to use their highest potential in learning.

Mindmap in teaching and learning

Mindmap is a special kind of brain-friendly diagram that helps learners to think, imagine and remember things, and plan and sort information. With mindmap, learning will be a lots more fun and easier.



The School Programme for 7 hours/day

At Viet Anh School, subjects are taught according to the program of the Ministry of Education and Training. In particular, we provide more hours of study in the core subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, Literature and English.  Students have more time to practice and do more exercises at school.

Subjects   such as “Life’s   skills” are part of special courses at Viet Anh School

Help them understand their society and environment in order to posess living skills to solve their own problems; know how to use their brain to study effectively; know how to set and achieve goals in education; be able to re- solve  conflicts  within  their  study groups; know how to live in harmony with people around them.

Art Subjects

Viet Anh School   provides art courses to suppliment students enjoy their learning.  They include following subjects: Painting, dancing, chess, chinese chess, Guitar, organ, piano,Cooking, flower arranging

Dynamic Thinking subject:

Helping children to develop thinking skills and problem solving skills; Know how to select information creatively and use this information to solve their own problems. When developing the ability to think, the students will have more confidence in presenting issues and solving problems logically.

Group Dynamics

Group Dynamics is an approach of student management in which teachers create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for children to live and learn in harmony. Each member of the group is aware of him/herself and his/her relation to others in the group/class. Students in the class are guided to have their own learning objectives and the same common learning goals for the whole class.
At Viet Anh School, students have many opportunities to learn through self-study in the library; find out information on websites under the guidance of teachers. Thus, they can have the excitement of learning and learning becomes more
fun and easy for students.

A well trained teaching staff with dynamic and open minded thinking for teaching various methods

Our teachers were well trained to have sufficient expertise for various teaching methods, focusing on guiding and encouraging students to discover knowledge rather than just presenting lessons and giving tests.

Our  teaching methods

We set on new teaching methods which are being applied in advanced countries, such as Britain, America and Singapore. These methods are based on the study of child psychology for education, and how the human brain works, to get the most effective way to learn.
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