Why you should choose Viet Anh School?

Our Vision and Mission are

  • To create a friendly study environment to make learning become fun and receptive activity.
  • To help students build high moral values and discipline, which are prerequisites for success in life.
  • To help students develop their capacity for self-study and self-discover in order to use their highest potential in learning.

We believe that a full- friendly and relaxed environment is more productive in learning

Many educational studies have shown that students could receive lessons very easily under an atmosphere of fun and friendly environment,. Therefore, we use more encouragement and guidance in teaching. Our discipline is very strict, but also full of understanding and fairness, in order to help students develop their own self-esteem and values. Particularly, we try to build close relationships between teachers and students. It is a relationship of respect, trust, honesty and learning together, including sharing of responsibilities between students, parents, schools and social community.


Every class has only from 20 students

Every class has only 25 to 28 students. This small size class, makes available more oportunities for teachers to take special care of each student individually.


Viet Anh School’s swimming pool, garden and outdoor learning zone

Viet Anh School’s swimming pool, garden and outdoor learning zone are nature-friendly designs to provide students a supplementary playful area for outdoor activities.
The school’s swimming pool with modern water purification technology and ozone gas sterilization, is chosen to limit use of chemicals. Hence, it meets high levels of cleanliness and safety for students.


Equipment classrooms

Every class room is equipped with a computer, is air-conditioned, one 46 inch LCD TV, many teaching aids and many other teaching equipment to build a comfortable and joyful environment for learning.


English is the second language in Viet Anh school

English is a core language at the school so we provide English classes in grade 1 with native English teachers. The English program was prepared under the system’s degree from Cambridge ESOL, valued at more than 147 countries. The English Certificate they receive for each level of the Cambridge ESOL includes Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET, FCE ... IELTS. Our goal is that, after finishing our school, the students would achieve an IELTS score of approximately 5.5 - 6.0 and be able to study in the UK, USA, Australia or any where in the world, or even to study in other international schools within Vietnam.

The system of our computer room

The system of our computer room is also equipped with powerful configuration with softwares to learn English and mathematics so that the students can practice English and Maths in a fun way.


Computer science is taught as of grade 1 in Viet Anh school

To help students to be able to use modern equipment, especially computers, Viet Anh school focuses on information technology training for students so that they can use computers effectively for their studies and work later.

We believe that learning is a life-long process. Therefore, students must develop their self-educated skills.

Today, in a world of non-stop changes and scientific background of continuous development, workers are required to update their knowledge every day to keep up the progress of technology and work effectively. So study skills and self-update capacity are a must in learning. Therefore, it is necessary to train students from an early age, self-study skills, so that they posess a spirit of active, autonomous learning and self-confidence in learning.

Our Library

Library is one of the main sources of knowledge in learning from primary school level. Thus, Viet Anh School focuses on providing a good library and encouraging students to read and use the library for research and self-study.

The school’s library take account of nearly 10,000 precious books and the electronic library consists of unlimited English books for reference. We encourage students to love reading and discover knowledge for themselves.



Using High-tech equipments in management:

At Viet Anh School, information  technology is applied in the management of students. Thus, the fastest information on the students and their records are updated promptly and clearly. The school’s surveillance camera system works everywhere. It controls as  well  as  ensures a safe environment for students to learn.

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